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These little guys are sassy, but that’s not the reason they are called salty. Each of these mugs went into the kiln with salt that evaporated to make the beautiful atmospheric glazes you see on other salt fired vessels. You know it’s a salty because there’s always a little line the molten salt left on the interior. They are terribly cute and… salty! 


Approximate Dimensions:


3.5” X 3.5”

8 oz

Saltie - mug

  •  Care and feeding of your stoneware:


    This hand crafted stoneware is food safe, and lead free. It is also microwave safe, but it can get hot, so please use with care. This stoneware is safe for hot or cold use. It is not stovetop safe.


    Hand crafted stoneware is easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Feel free to hand wash if you prefer! Just remember that stoneware is allergic to impacts and has very strong opinions about stone, tile, terrazzo and concrete. And some cats, too, are on the stoneware naughty list.


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