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The Story of Laughing Water Pottery

Laughing Water Pottery is a family owned business featuring the work of Mike Gray. Mike has been creating pottery since falling in love with ceramics in college. His work is inspired by Japanese, Rhine Valley Medieval, and North Carolina Americana ware. Each piece is a hand-crafted original and meant to be used everyday. It is microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe. Looking for that perfect mug for your morning tea or coffee? A beautiful set of noodle bowls for a romantic meal? Look no further. Mike's work not only looks beautiful, but also feels good in your hands.

Why is it called Laughing Water Pottery? When Mike finally made the plunge into doing what he loves full-time, he needed a name for his studio. He and his wife bantered back and forth one evening about names while their daughter played in the bath... She splashed and giggled and said "the water is laughing"! And just then... a family business was born.

Potter's daughter using a mug
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