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LaughingWater Pottery focuses on natural textures and patterns in fantasy wares fired in electric and salt kilns, but the real talent lies in recreating Medieval and Renaissance pottery. Specifically, Mike has created a line of Raeren and Freshen reproductions.

Raeren and Frechen potters were creating true stoneware by 1400-1530 in the Rhine Valley of Germany and some of the first fully water tight stoneware in Europe. It found great popularity across the West due to its ability to keep good stable during transport.  This pottery was transported across the Old World and New. In fact, pot sherds are regularly found in South America, brought across the ocean by European Conquistadors. Its also very nice to use for coffee and each piece is unique due to being salt fired.

Salt firing is where salt is introduced to the kiln during the firing process. This is an historically accurate technique- the reason why this Frechen and Raeren were water tight. Few glazes were used during this time period. When sodium chloride is introduced to the firing, the salt vaporizes and the sodium binds with the silica in the clay forming sodium silicate, which glazes the surfaces of the vessel.

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