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The rennies are coming!

...And I shall be ready for them. Sarasota Medieval Fair is coming upon us in less than a month, and Bay Area Renaissance Faire is looming right behind it! That means I had better kick into high gear with the making. To that end, I am working on a series of pieces inspired by 16th century drinking vessels. The Rhine valley was the home of European stoneware and the ware produced there has been found everywhere there was European trade. I am currently working on converting an old updraft gas kiln into a soda kiln so that I can more accurately replicate the look of the original salt glazed pieces.

So, I sat down at the wheel this afternoon, and cranked out some of the classic round-bellied shapes to be used as mugs. These pieces will be soda glazed and decorated with some simple impressed designs and cobalt highlights. No two will be alike, so hopefully no one will mistake your libation for theirs at Ye Olde Faire.

Here are the pieces right off the wheel, with a couple of finished examples in red clay to the right. Ill keep you posted on progress!


fresh off the wheel.

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